Innovate Auto Finance is centrally located in North Texas and led by a proven management team with decades of experience in the automotive finance industry. We are committed to your success. Integrity, trust, and collaboration allow us to cultivate and foster long-term partnerships with our business customers.

Innovate Auto Finance specializes in purchasing auto portfolios of all sizes in the less-than-prime credit tiers. We offer forward-flow or pass-through programs, collateralized lines-of-credit, and managed services such as third-party servicing and collections.

We are licensed in most states and do business with BHPH, Independent and Franchise dealers, finance companies, banks, and credit unions. With our flexible terms and seller-friendly process, we have earned a reputation as a company people want to do business with again and again.

We have the capital, commitment, and experience to be a partner you can depend on during all business cycles.

The Innovate Way includes -

  • Hassle-Free Acquisition Process:
    From our first conversation, you’ll notice a difference. Our pricing and selection is flexible and efficient, with fast funding and a smooth customer transition process.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service after the Sale:
    We provide the same personalized loan servicing attention your customers expect, seamlessly moving borrowers to our servicing platform.
  • Focused on the Long Term:
    Innovate Auto Finance is focused on providing lasting liquidity solutions to our origination partners.

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